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September 14, 2013 chris

The importance of sketching

The making process of almost any artwork begins with a simple idea, but then it is developed into a bigger mindset, vision, and finally action. Just like writing, design process starts with a brainstorming where you can pour every imaginable idea into a piece of paper without worrying about mistakes. In writing, you may only need to make notes, but when it comes to design process, you surely want to have a bigger book to draw sketches of the artworks. In a world where computer can handle almost everything, a sketch book may sound old-fashioned. Nonetheless, once you learn the importance of a sketch book, you will not want to leave it at home.

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You don’t know where and when ideas can spark like a flash of light. One of the great things about a sketch book is that it is easy, quick, and convenient to draw a design. You can draw any picture while you are waiting for the bus, having lunch, watching TV at home, anytime anywhere. You are not afraid to make mistakes and ugly drawings; the most important thing is that you can turn ideas into a visual object in no time. A sketch does not have to be great because you can always develop it and make corrections when you have the time.

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No one wants to spend hours creating detailed designs only to get rejected by your client where as with sketching you can get your ideas down quickly and drop the idea if it’s not quite right. Since drawing a sketch is generally quicker than making a detailed mock ups, you will be able to present many ideas including the good and the bad to the client. The same thing applies for all design projects. Whether you want to create logos, dresses, or buildings, sketches make a great sort of communication to let the client decide what he/she really wants. Once the client makes a choice, you can confidently develop the chosen sketch into a real piece of art. Besides time efficient, sketching also saves you from uncomfortable criticisms from a difficult client.

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A computer has numerous programs to make design process more efficient. With a laptop, you can also create almost anywhere. Bur computer programs for designing are generally created to make detailed mock ups. They have countless tools to make lines, colors, corrections, effects, etc. Whereas a sketch book and pencil allow for complete freedom. All things that come to mind are drawn by using your hands. In most cases, there will be no confusions concerning which tool to use to create the desired sketch. Without computerized pieces, sketching allows you to develop creativity without any barrier between your mind and the visual objects.

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Another great importance of sketching is that you are more likely to discover new skills along the process. As a designer, you need to develop your abilities to draw. Sketching is mainly about visualizing ideas on papers. If you sketch often, such skills will voluntarily develop without you realizing it.




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